L.A. Box Lacrosse League Opens 5th Fall Season

Last year, the L.A. Cobras won both high school divisions in the Los Angeles Box Lacrosse League. With two varsity squads and one JV team entered this year, they will try to defend those titles in the fifth season of the league, which opened last weekend at Wilson Park in Torrance.

Run by Chris Jewett of Leverage Lacrosse and Los Alamitos HS, the L.A. Box Lacrosse League plays “Canadian style box lacrosse, meaning ‘live’ boards, shot clocks, smaller goals with hockey style goalies, containment checks and bump picks,” according to the description on the Leverage site.

In addition to Leverage and the Cobras, teams participating this fall include:

  • Varsity: Cobras Black, Cobras Blue, Leverage, Black Cat, Santa Monica, Shock
  • JV: Cobras, Dragons, Leverage, Black Cat, Shock, Santa Monica
  • U-13: Leverage Black, Leverage Green, Dragons Blue, Dragons Green, Beach Cities
  • U-11: Leverage, Dragons, Santa Monica, Trident Blue, Trident Orange

“A lot of others in SoCal are now starting to see the the benefits of box that we saw six years ago when we first started the process of getting a league up and running in L.A.,” Jewett said via e-mail. “This year’s talent is by far the best. I believe that’s because many of these boys have been playing this style of box for five years now and understand how to properly play the game.”

High school games are played on Saturdays, and U-11 and U-13 divisions on Sundays. All games are played at the Wilson Park rink in Torrance. The league runs for 10 weeks, from Sept. 5 to Nov. 8, with Championship Weekend scheduled for Nov. 7-8.

At Leverage we have always viewed box lacrosse as offseason training and a way to make our boys better players. … We treat the youth division games as fun scrimmages, where boys can get more touches in a fast-paced game/camp style setting. … At the High School division, while we still subscribe to the training principles, the style of play is more intense and we do crown a champion, but our primary goal is to raise the level of play of each boy involved in our league.

Saturday, Sept. 5 scores
JV Division
Mustangs 11, Leverage 5
Dragons 11, Black Cat 0
Cobras 2, Leverage 1
Varsity Division
Cobras Black 10, Leverage 4
Mustangs/Shock 9, Cobras Blue 9
Black Cat 13, Leverage 7

Sunday, Sept. 6 scores
Trident Blue 10, Leverage 9
Trident Orange 6, Dragons 5
Dragons Blue 14, Beach Cities 0
Leverage 12, Dragons Green 8

Saturday, Sept. 12 games

3 p.m. – Leverage vs. Santa Monica
4 p.m. – Dragons vs. Shock (note that Mustangs are now Shock)
5 p.m. – Cobras vs. Black Cat
6 p.m. – Black Cat vs. Cobras Blue
7 p.m. – Leverage vs. Santa Monica
8 p.m. – Cobra Black vs. Shock

Sunday, Sept. 13

10 a.m. – Santa Monica vs. Leverage
11 a.m. – Trident Blue vs. Dragons
Noon – Trident Orange vs. Santa Monica
1 p.m. – Beach Cities vs. Dragons Green
2 p.m. – Leverage vs. Dragons Blue