Kraus Continues to Receive Recognition

Once again Tesoro alum Knute Kraus is in the news for all the right reasons. The Baltimore Sun did a feature this week touting the Salisbury University senior captain’s importance to the Gulls.  The article quotes Kraus’s coach Jim Berkman  “Knute has played consistently all year,” He’s a first-team All American, and it would be a crime if he isn’t. He’s shut down everybody all season long.”

“He’s athletic at 6-4, he’s got great speed, he can get it off the deck, he has great change of direction,” Berkman said. “If you could draw up the prototypical Division I defenseman you’d want on your team, it’s Knute Kraus. He’s the same guy that plays at [North] Carolina, he’s the same guy that plays at Hopkins. That’s the prototype guy that he’s evolved into.”

Click on the link above and take a few minutes to read about one of the few Orange County players who have earned a collegiate National Championship.