Katelin Martinez Headlines South Coast All League Selections

Katelin Martinez (no. 24 above) who lead Tesoro to a perfect league record and South Coast League championship this season was named the the league’s Most Valuable Player.  Martinez’s teammate Leah Olsen was named the goalie of the year. The 2016 South Coast League All League girls’ lacrosse honorees are presented below.

South Coast League MVP
Katelin Martinez, Tesoro

South Coast Goalie of the Year
Leah Olsen, Tesoro

First Team All League
Shanie Scoles, Junior, Atttack, Capistrano Valley
Alex Yan, Junior, Goalie, Capistrano Valley

Aliyha “Jersey” Elk, Senior, Atttack, /Midfield, Aliso Niguel
Shay Hefft, Sophomore, Midfield/Defender, San Clemente
Katelin Martinez, Junior, Midfield, Tesoro
Emma Roberson, Junior, Midfield, Tesoro
Brynne Peak, Sophomore, Atttack, Tesoro
Delaney Rose Sr. Defender, Tesoro
Kendall Derbyshire Sr. Atttack, Trabuco Hills
Juliet Mooney, Sophomore,  Atttack, Trabuco Hills
Hennessey Evans, Freshman, Midfield, Trabuco Hills

Second Team All League
Erica Smith, Junior, Midfield, Capistrano Valley
Jessica Cardenas Sr. Defender, Capistrano Valley
Quinnlyn Mason, Sophomore, Atttack/Midfield,  Aliso Niguel
Tori LeCause, Senior,  Atttack, San Clemente
Kiley Buckley, Sophomore, Atttack, /Midfield, San Clemente
Hailey Havourd, Sophomore, Defender, Tesoro
Abbey Schaff, Sophomore, Defender, Tesoro
Hannah Maurer, Sophomore, Atttack, Tesoro
Hannah Moller Sr. Defense/Atttack, Trabuco Hills
Audie Shutler, Sophomore, Defense, Trabuco Hills
Ashley Bell, Junior, Goalie, Trabuco Hills

Honorable Mention
Sam Moan Sr. Midfield, Capistrano Valley
Katie Stanley Sr. Midfield, Capistrano Valley
Briana Ciadella Sr. Defender, Aliso Viejo
Ashley Holland Sr. Midfield/Defender, Aliso Viejo
Hope Goddard Sr. Atttack, Tesoro


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