Junior College Lacrosse Coming to Orange County

California junior colleges have a new outlet to compete in competitive lacrosse. The game is growing and the CJCLA (California Junior College Lacrosse Association) has formed to facilitate the expansion of the games at the junior college level.

The NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) is the national brand name for junior college sports including lacrosse but considering California’s vast number of junior colleges, the state has it’s own governing body for sports, the CCCAA (California Community College Athletic Association). While the CCCAA hasn’t officially endorsed lacrosse and the CJCLA isn’t a part of the CCCAA or NJCAA, California’s new junior college league is a big move for especially in Orange County.

The CJCLA is looking to start teams at Orange Coast College, Saddleback Community College, and more in the OC area. If you are enrolled in a college without a team and want to start competing next season, the CJCLA is the organization you need to get in touch with.

What is most interesting is the advantage that student athletes have competing in the CJCAA who are looking to transfer to an school (or NCAA but the CJCLA teams mostly operate close to teams). The CJCLA plays it’s games in the Fall which gives the unique opportunity for a player to transfer after the Fall to an MCLA team and make an impact that same season.

From the CJCLA website: “The California Junior College Lacrosse Association (CJCLA) is dedicated to expanding junior college lacrosse opportunities for the student-athletes of California. Membership in the CJCLA is open to any California junior college lacrosse program that is officially recognized as a student club by their institution. Our mission is to provide new program assistance and consultation, student-athlete eligibility requirements, and hosting of the CJCLA Championship Tournament at the conclusion of the regular season”

Want to start playing, start a team, or have any questions about the upcoming season? Get in touch with the league at info@cjcla.org and visit cjcla.org.

–MaxLaxOC.com staff report