Jon Gordon, How To Survive The College Recruiting Process

Fred Opie speaks with Long Island native and Cornell University lacrosse alum Jon Gordon. Gordon is a prolific writer of books on culture and leadership many host Fred Opie has read and strongly endorses such as the Energy Bus. Jon Gordon is a much sought after speaker who has been invited into the locker room of some of the top college and professional teams to share the wisdom he has learned in researching and writing his books on how to develop yourself and the people within your sphere of influence. On this podcast shares his own college recruiting experience and raising his daughter who had been on the division one college lacrosse scholarship track and his son who is a tennis player. Gordon talks about club teams and tournaments and his concerns about the college athletic scholarship evaluation process. He provides some parenting and player suggestions from his own experience for those currently in the college selection process as student athletes. Follow the Fred Opie show in the content Fred shares on Twitter and his Facebook page. Take the time to review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud. If you enjoy what you hear sent a link to the show to the members of your tribe.

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