Registration is Open for Lacrosse Camp

Registration is open for the Irvine Rangers Lacrosse Camp that will be held August 8-11 at Orchard Community Park in Irvine. REGISTER HERE or see the flyer below for more information.


Ranger Lacrosse concentrates on teaching individual skills and game concepts. They concentrate on proper form and fundamentals. The first half of each session will be spent working on various skills based on position and then scrimmage the second half to teach game situations. This comprehensive approach will help every player become a more advanced player.

OFFENSIVE CONCEPTS: Change of Speed & Direction on Every Move, Pivot Shooting to Maximize Rotation & Extension, Checkmark Pivot Shooting on the Run Out of the Dodge, Step Down (Time & Room) Shooting along with Options, One Move & Go Dodging, Two Move & Go Dodging, Off-Ball Movement, Two Man Game.

DEFENSIVE CONCEPTS: Footwork (Agility), Positioning, Stick Checks, Communication, Forearm & Calf Drills, Denying the Pass, Clearing.

GOALIE CONCEPTS: Positioning, Hand Placement, Stepping to Ball, Working the Arc, Communication, Outlet Passing