Introducing the Weekly Survey: Who Will Win the Adam Bowl?

MaxlaxOC shieldWe are trying something new here at, a weekly survey. Each week will post a new survey question on our weekly survey page for our readers to answer.

Never afraid to stir up a little controversy, we start out with a subject that most people that is best avoided at cocktail parties in the RSM/Coto de Caza neck of the woods. Who will win the Adam Bowl? Separated by only six miles, some serious bragging rights are determined when Santa Margarita and Tesoro get together on the lacrosse field. Things reached a fever pitch last year when Santa Margarita’s come from behind victory was overturned by CIF for an administrative infraction. And just when you thought the hostilities had peaked, Santa Margarita fired another shot across the bow. They went out and hired their own El Toro alum named Adam to coach their team.

The Eagles and Titans renew hostilities on Friday night at Tesoro. Two Top 10 teams. Two El Toro alums. Two Adams. Who do you think will win? Guy or Miner? Cast your vote now.