Introducing the Max Velocity Performance Series is teaming with Stack Velocity Sports Performance to bring you a series of lacrosse-specific training and fitness tips.  In today’s tip All-MLL Midfielder of the 2014 Champion Denver Outlaws, Jeremy Sieverts,  demonstrates the 8 Cone Change-of-Direction Drill.

“Tight Spaces”

The further you go in lacrosse, the tighter the spaces in which you have to work. To be effective in the sport, you need to be able to change direction explosively within very small spaces. Jeremy Sieverts, All-MLL Midfielder of the 2014 Champion Denver Outlaws, uses the 8 Cone Change-of-Direction Drill in his pre-season performance training to enhance his tight space skills.


  • 2 lines of 4 cones each 1.5 yards apart
  • 1 yard between the two lines with the cones staggered


  • Starting outside cone 1 with your body in an athletic based position, begin the drill by pushing off with both feet bringing your outside leg across your body.
  • After the start you will take 4 quick “prep steps” as your prepare to plant with both feet outside of cone 2.
  • Keep your body shifted toward the inside and immediately repeat in the opposite direction.
  • Continue in this fashion until you have completed all 8 cones.


  • Stay in a low, athletic position keeping your shoulders and hips squared throughout the drill.
  • When planting, keep your feet in an even and medium stance with your body weight shifted toward the inside and your shins pointed toward the direction you want to go (called positive shin angle).
  • “Prep Steps” should be light and quick off the ground.
  • When pushing off to change direction drive explosively off both feet.
  • Start without a stick/pole to focus on proper body position and movement and then add it.
  • Once you’ve become efficient at changing direction, add a split dodge after each plant to help increase your stick handling skills within the framework of the drill.

Check out the video of Jeremy performing the drill in a recent work-out session.

Please contact STACK Velocity Sports Performance- Newport Mesa to learn more about proper technique for the 8 Cone Change-of-Direction Drill and how to enhance other lacrosse-specific movements.