HS: Tesoro-HB to Replay Game

League officials have decided that two incorrect rulings by game referees during the Feb. 29 game between Tesoro and Huntington Beach affected the outcome of the game, therefore ruling that the final score be erased and the game replayed from the point of the first incident. HB had originally won the game over the visiting Titans, 6-5, in four overtimes.

The incorrect ruling occured with 1:45 remaining in the 2nd quarter with the score Huntington 3, Tesoro 0. The replay will start from that point in the game.

At issue is a penalty call against Huntington Beach’s goalie. A penalty on the goalie must be served by that player and the backup goalie must enter the game. HB requested to play the goalie that incurred the infraction instead of using a back-up and the referees allowed another player on the team to serve the penalty. Additionally, Tesoro served two illegal stick penalties for improper end caps, which are not time-serving penalties.

First-year Tesoro head coach Adam Miner argued the decision on the field,
then brought the issue to the league officials afterwards and filed a formal complaint. League officials agreed with Miner, and the game will be replayed, the date is to be determined.

“I am happy with the ruling and pleased to see that there is a process in place to address such matters,” said Miner. “This was an extremely rare case where a few black-and-white rulings negatively impacted our ability to compete in a game where even the small things mattered. I understand how difficult officiating a game can be and for the most part respect officials’ rulings. However, because of the circumstances of this match, it was my duty as a coach to file a formal protest.”

–From MaxLaxOC.com Staff Reports