How To Succeed In Box and Field Lacrosse

Host Fred Opie interviews to Canadian athletes: University All-American lacrosse player Brody Merrill. I sat down with Merrill for our segment the training table which looks at athletes, food, and conditioning youth sports and professional ranks. Brody is a veteran player and professional indoor and outdoor lacrosse player at a three-time member of the Canadian national team. He is a husband, father of three including twin boys. It is also a teacher and coach at the Hill Academy in Canada which has become a factory producing outstanding players who have come south to play collegiality in the United States. In part two of this we speak to Canadian Mike Lalor who played in the NHL for more than 10 years. Mike is the father of two boys who played Division I and Division III college hockey. I hope you enjoy these two interviews as much as I did doing them.

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