How Eat to Win

On this week’s podcast: we ask the questions are you eating to win or winning to eat? When I started playing competitive sports I had horrible eating habits. That continued until I became a Division I athlete at Syracuse University. I was a physical education major and therefore exposed to the importance of food, nutrition, and athletic performance. I started making the necessary to get playing time. As my career continued after college so did improvement on my diet. How much better would I have been as a college player if I had eaten better and hydrated with water more often? Today’s show takes a look at that question through the lens of players and coaches from the 1960s to the present: Bill Tierney, Jack Emmer, Mike Waldvogel, Kevin Buchanan, John Galloway, Peter Baum, Kevin Corrigan, Kristin Igoe, Janine Tucker, Scott Rogers and Kyle Harrison.

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