Helpful Tips For Student Athletes

Fred Opie played lacrosse at Syracuse University and on a US National Team. He is a founding member of the FCA lacrosse camp, and former member of the US Lacrosse Board of Directors, Professor of history and author, a husband and the father of two children who play sports. He has seen so many talented athletes who have never taken the essential steps to open the doors to fantastic opportunities in life. Think about it, when you’re watching a college game, more than likely you’re not watching the best players. Some of the best players lacked an understanding of their gifts and the discipline to give their best effort, make good choices, and take the time to care about others. That had been Opie experience for too long in his life. In this podcast, Opie shares what he wished he had known before going to college with a live audience of student athletes and coaches at Herkimer County Community College in New York. Opie shares the baby steps to what he calls a total student athlete makeover.

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