Grand Canyon University FAQs

The Grand Canyon Universty Antelopes have an impressive 33-12 record since joining the Southwestern Lacrosse Conference in 2012, earning them two trips to the MCLA National Championhip Tournament (2012 and 2013). The Antelopes hope to build upon the momentum generated in last season’s 10-4 campaign, and make a run at returning to the Nationals. Head Coach Manny Rapkin took some time out to tell us about what it takes to be an Antelope.

I want to play lacrosse at Grand Canyon University what is the best way to start the recruiting process?
Go to the and complete the recruiting questionnaire.

What recruiting events does the coach typically attend?
3D Denver Shootout, Adrenaline Challenge, King of the Hill, Jersey Shootout, MVP, Turkey Shoot, UPLAX and Pacific Classic

How often does your team practice and for how many hours (Fall and Spring)?
Fall averages 6 hrs/week and in the spring we average 12 hrs/week

What about off the field conditioning?
Strength and conditioning 4x/week in the fall and 2x/week in the spring

How many games do you play per year?
Between 14 and 16 games

Does your team travel out of town (Fall & Spring)?
We travel to California, Nevada and Colorado

Any other commitments like fund raising or community service?
Every player is required to complete 16 hours of community service.

Does the lacrosse coach have any influence on the admissions process?

In general, what are the minimum academic standards at your school?
Minimum 3.0 GPA

What are the three best things about playing lacrosse at GCU?
Turf field, Strength &and conditioning coach and facility and a full time staff