Pacific Lacrosse Girls’ Showcase Exceeds Expectations

The 2013 Girls Pacific Lacrosse Showcase was held at San Diego’s Del Norte High School last weekend where 21 of Orange County’s top scholar athletes competed amongst 105 girls to catch the eye of prospective coaches.

This event was enticing to recruiters; 82% of the girls touted overall GPAs higher than 3.5 and 60% had an overall GPA of 3.75 or higher.

The weather was perfect as expected, between 65-72 degrees with 0% chance of rain. By 9 a.m. Saturday the goalies were warmed up and camp uniforms were distributed. For the next two hours the girls rotated between “skills and drills” stations where coaches were able to evaluate their talent on a personal level. Before the 100+ girls began afternoon scrimmages, SportsForce sponsored a 30-minute break for coaches to personally comment on what they like to see in recruits, an incredible opportunity to clear the fog with some of the do’s and don’ts heard from the recruiters themselves. The rest of the day was filled with scrimmages where recruiters got a chance to see the intangibles of field awareness and team play that are vital for players to compete at the next level.

The high level of talent (4.7 average years of experience for all players) combined with a beautiful setting, and quantity of easily recruitable students (great students make great recruits) made the Pacific Lacrosse Girls Showcase grab national attention.

Rich Gagliardo pretty much summed it up, “To put it into perspective, one of the top D3 schools attending will also be attending a three-day tournament in two weeks and have a list of almost 100 games to watch well over 100 girls. This last weekend, they — and coaches from many top rated D3 schools — flew across the country to spend 15 hours over two days with about 100 girls. The coaches were not just watching from a distant sideline, they were constantly coaching and interacting. Exposure and instruction like that is hard to come by.”

MaxLaxOC will be covering the Pacific Lacrosse Boys Showcase December 7-8.