Get to Know JSerra Coach Brendan Fowler

Earlier this month, JSerra Catholic High School named Brendan Fowler the new head coach of the Lions.  Fowler, who was a three-sport athlete at Duke (lacrosse, football, and wrestling), brings with him a championship pedigree that includes back-to-back national championships at Duke in 2013 and 2014.  After graduating from Duke, Fowler moved on to become a MLL All-Star for the Charlotte Hounds.

Fowler took some time out to sit down with MaxLaxOC to give us some insights into his background and coaching philosophy.  Read on to get to know Brendan Fowler.

MaxLax OC: Tell us a little bit about your lacrosse background.
BF: I grew up on Long Island and started playing lacrosse in Wantagh, New York in elementary school. I went to Chaminade High School on Long Island and played for Coach Jack Moran before moving onto Duke University where I played for Coach John Danowski from 2011-2014. Both of them have been unbelievable mentors for me and are legends in the lacrosse community. I won national championships at Duke in 2013 and 2014. For the last 2 summers I have played for the Charlotte Hounds in the MLL.

MaxLaxOC: What attracted you to Orange County and the JSerra opportunity?
BF: The weather in Orange County certainly didn’t turn me away from the opportunity. JSerra really attracted me because I went to a catholic high school and I can connect with the environment and culture that my players are in every day. I also really connected with Athletic Director and Head Football coach Jim Hartigan when we met. He is a great guy and I believe we have similar beliefs on coaching and will work well together.

MaxLax OC: Denver just announced an incoming recruiting class that included 11 players from the west and only 4 from the east. Do you think that the west has caught up to the east yet? What differences do you see between the quality and styles of play between the east and the west?
BF: I think it is awesome how much lacrosse has grown in the west in the past few years. I am not sure if the West has caught up to the East yet as I haven’t seen enough high school lacrosse here yet to make a judgement on that. I do think that the West has unbelievable athletes that have enough talent to play at any school in the country.

MaxLax OC: What style of play do you prefer?
BF: I prefer a very fast paced, physical, run and gun type of style of lacrosse. I want my players to play fast, use their athleticism, and have fun while they are out there.

MaxLax OC: Do you like to give inspirational speeches to your players before the game?
BF: If I give my players anything inspirational it will most likely be a night before a game. Right before the game I like to stress key points to the game that I want fresh in my players heads as they run out on the field.

MaxLax OC: Would you say you are quiet on the sidelines or do you “use your voice”?
BF: I am not a huge screamer if that is what you are asking haha. I try to keep my players focused and will use my voice when I need to, but am definitely more calm on the sideline than most would think.

MaxLax OC: What is one thing about you that your new players will probably be surprised to learn?
BF: How much I want them to play other sports and become complete athletes.

MaxLax OC: What is your favorite lacrosse memory?
BF: Winning the National Championship in 2013 and 2014.

MaxLaxOC: What are three items on your bucket list?

  • Ironman Triathlon
  • Skydive
  • Drive the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to San Diego

MaxLaxOC:What are your goals for your first season coaching the Lions?
BF: To be honest I haven’t been on the field with my full team yet so I am really not sure what to expect. My goals are to get the guys to buy in to what we are teaching and become better people from being a part of our program. If they do that they will have an awesome experience this season and winning games will take care of itself.

Thanks Coach and welcome to the Orange County lacrosse community!