Get Ready for College Ball with ’s Lacrosse Committed Academy

’s Lacrosse Committed Academy is officially ONLINE.  This program is designed exclusively for lacrosse players that are returning from or have verbally committed to Division 1, 2, 3 or lacrosse programs and want to put in the work to be prepared for next season.

Spots are limited.  First 10 athletes that sign up for the Lacrosse Committed Academy receive a 10% discount. 

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“I want a summer program for hard-working committed athletes that I personally want to train,” Tintle said. “It won’t be for everyone. Only for the elite. We’re going to specialize in lacrosse specific strength, speed, skill, and conditioning training with cutting edge recovery services through @ampsportsmed. What we’re gonna do, it’ll be above and beyond any college training packet out there.”

This all-inclusive program will include 90 minutes of training (10:00 am through 11:30 am) every Monday through Friday from June 21 through August 24 at Athletes Choice.

Designed by lacrosse players for lacrosse players,  the Lacrosse Committed Academy is a no brainer if you’re serious about playing college lacrosse.

Register today or call Athletes Choice at 949.888.2717.