Want to make the varsity? Make that break out play? Create space to take a great shot or out run an opposing player? Playing smothering defense? Victory Sports Performance shares this quick tip on lower body mechanics, step one to becoming faster and more explosive; taking your game to the next level.

Objective: To improve efficiency of movement and establish the best mechanical position in which to begin the next stride.

Exercise: A March – The toe, heel and knees should come up simultaneously. The calf should have some space from the hamstring and the thigh should be parallel with hip when driving the knee up. The A March is the first progression of the A series we use in our performance training classes at Victory Sports Performance. The march should transition in to a skip and end with a run. In the video we put the medicine ball over head to get the hips forward. I only recommend using the medicine ball when an athlete has mastered the first progressions.

A group of Major League Lacrosse (MLL) players demonstrates today’s Increase Speed – A March Drill. Click on the video above to watch.

About Victory Sports Performance

Victory Sports Performance is an industry leader in providing advanced sports performance training for boys and girls ages 12-15+ in all sports and skill levels.

  • Devoted to training and inspiring athletes to realize their potential through advanced training programs, scientifically designed to maximize human sports performance.
  • Help develop athletes that physically outlast and out perform their opponents, and are more mentally prepared to handle the stress of high-level competition.
  • Offers athletes from ages 12-15+, semi-private and team-based sports performance training designed to help them increase speed, power and agility, while reducing the risk of sports-related injuries.

Training is offered at the Victory Athletic Center (The VAC), in San Juan Capistrano — the premier outdoor sports facility of its kind in Orange County where professional coaches offer athletes of all ages in a variety of sports a competitive edge.

About the Victory Athletic Center

The Victory Athletic Center’s mission is to provide high quality, budget friendly experiences for youth and adult sport programming in a safe and professional environment, year-round. The VAC is a state-of-the-art outdoor sports facility in San Juan Capistrano. The complex includes the latest and most innovative in sports surfaces, as well as many amenities to accommodate any kind of group. The fully lit venue houses two (2) lined athletic fields consisting of:

  • A synthetic turf field surrounded by dasher boards and sports glass, team benches, separate penalty boxes, measuring 200’ x 85’ (equivalent to a standard-sized NHL rink).
  • A fully equipped dedicated performance training area designed for individual and team sport specific development.

The VAC has become the “go to” place for the community and local athletes to play and train for baseball, field hockey, football, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, softball, and other team-centric sports and activities, all while enjoying themselves in safety and comfort.

Let the VAC host your team, a unique sports party or an event of your choosing.

Questions? Email: thevac@vlax.org or call (949) 276-8929


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