Frank Kelly, The Man Behind FCA Lacrosse

Host Fred Opie speaks with Cornell and Calvert Hall alum Frank Kelly. Kelly is the visionary and man behind the highly successful FCA lacrosse ministry. Frank was the first lacrosse player I met who like me made a decision during college to make the Lord Jesus Christ look good on and off the field. Kelly would go on to found the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). He talks about the early years of that vision and how the ministry has grown since the mid-1980s from a lacrosse camp with less than five campers to a summer camp today with over 500 boys and girls and counselors from lacrosse playing colleges throughout the country.  Among other topics Kelly talks about what became known as the miracle on the mountain (FCA stunning defeat of a stacked Green Turtle Vail lacrosse team) and they play a clip from a new documentary about the event, the current state of FCA’s programs, it’s planned ministry for the next men’s world championships to be hosted in Israel, work in Africa and Kelly’s role in getting lacrosse into the Olympic games.

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