Foothill Tops Los Al in Opener

After one 30 minute thunder and lightning delay, Foothill and Los Alamitos got another short lived shot at completing their opening day game only to be shut down a few minutes into the third quarter. Los Alamitos had a glimmer of hope in the opening minutes of the game. Foothill’s aggressive play and early season rust let the Griffins score one and keep it close for the first 10 minutes of the game. The Griffins were timid and couldn’t handle the pressure that the Knights brought. Even on Los Al’s man up opportunities the Knights were in their gloves.

The game was called early but not early enough to stop Kevin Kodzis (4 goals) and Nate Marano (4 goals) from leading the Knights to a 11-2 victory. Owen Geiss and Matt Marano looked especially quick and disrupted Los Alamitos’ Brandon Ezell and Tyler Miller from getting any kind of offense going.