Featured Sponsor: Victory Sports Performance

MaxLaxOC.com would like to thank our long time sponsor Victory Sports Performance for their support. VSP offers sports performance training for middle school, high school, and elite boys and girls ages 12 and up, in all skill levels.

Located at the Victory Athletic Center in San Juan Capistrano, VSP offers:

► Sports science-based training programs for all running and explosion sports

► Training designed to enhance Speed, Agility, and Power and to help reduce Injury Risk

► Initial Baseline Assessment and Periodic Progress Measurements

► Services provided through Group, Private, Team Training, and Camp/Clinic sessions

► Sessions held at the Victory Athletic Center in San Juan Capistrano and also at clients’ fields and courts

► Program and coaches guided by The Victory Way values and philosophies to help athletes become successful in sports and in life

Mitch Marmelstein serves as the Victory Sports Performance Program Director. With his formal education and coaching experience and his experience playing college and professional sports, Mitch brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to our program. He also provides a fresh and honest perspective to athletes to help them understand what it takes to get to the next level of performance and enjoyment.