Featured Sponsor:

MaxLaxOC.com would like to thank our sponsor Legends Lacrosse for their continued support.  Legends have three great coming up this summer.

The Boys and Girls Lacrosse Tournament – http://legendslax.com/legends_meltdown/

The is designed to be a fun filled experience on and off the field in one of the most premier areas on all of the US and will serve as a great way to enhance your players summer season.  Strategic scheduling and partnerships with local Visitors Bureau’s will allow Legends to deliver on a family focused event in a vacation destination.  The Legends Meltdown is a co-ed event looking to service local and regional level teams ages U11-Elite for boys and U15-Elite for Girls.  Teams are guaranteed 5 games throughout the weekend with the exception of girls U-11 teams who are guaranteed 4 games!   NFHS Rules.

Session 18 – http://legendslax.com/session18-summer18/

Session 18 is a unique program designed and directed by one of the all-time lacrosse legends,  (, ).  Players who attend Session 18 will be exposed to the highest level of individual positional training.  Through a partnership with and the Sports Academy (www.sportsacademy.us), Session 18 will see a focus placed on skill development through in-depth breakdown and build up of mechanics, high-quality repetitions, and habit building for on and off-field success.

Committed Experience & Futures Elite – http://legendslax.com/committed-future/ 

Legends and True Lacrosse are coming together to provide a truly unique and high-level experience for the top high school players of today, committed to play collegiate lacrosse and the wave of future talent rising up through the ranks and sure to be the next generation of stars.

A program like none other, the Legends Committed Experience will now feature an offering for younger stars known as Future Elites for top players in the 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 graduating classes.