Featured Sponsor: So Cal Express

We would like to thank So Cal Express for their support of MaxLaxOC.com.  Founded and operated by (head coach at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School), (head coach at Santa Margarita) and John Fox (head coach at Foothill High School), fields boys’ lacrosse tournaments from youth through high school.

Interested in playing for the Express?  Learn more about their upcoming here. 

Coach Miles spent a few minutes with MaxLaxOC.com to explain the program and philosophy.

MaxLaxOC.com: What made you, Adam and Jon collaborate to start the Express?

Coach Miles: For me the lacrosse community has always been all about the guys.  The people are the best part of the lacrosse community.  When and where I grew up, lacrosse was about my friends, the guys I played with and the guys I played against.  As more and more former players have begun doing lacrosse as a business, it has become more about the business competition and less about each other.  I loved to compete on the field but more importantly, I loved being a part of this thing that was so much bigger than self.  Wherever I went there was always a lacrosse guy and we were instantly bonded because of this great game.  We always had common friends and great stories.

Unfortunately, the business aspect has diminished what is so special about lacrosse.
I don’t enjoy the business competition off the field.  I feel many lacrosse guys have forgotten what made the game so special to begin with.  Parents will always try to do what they believe is best for their child and that’s absolutely how it should be.  If a player leaves the to go to another club, that is their choice and we will never blame the other club-that’s the parent choice and that’s life.  It’s not personal.  The grass is always greener for some and we (lacrosse guys) need to stay focused on the game and on our players- not the another club or director.  It’s parents choice, it’s not personal.

By joining each other, Jon, Adam and I are trying to do the best we can for the kids and let go of the other stuff.  When requested, we will always answer questions and help parents navigate a very complex system.   Finding these guys to work with instead of against has made the Express a great lacrosse community to be a part of and certainly more fun for me.

MaxLaxOC.com: What kind of training and player development does Express offer?

Coach Miles: Extensive.  Player development is all it’s about at So Cal Express.  Again, we love to win and for the business and the parents, that unfortunately seems to be a bit too important.  For us, winning is second to teaching kids how to play and behave correctly within the game.  Additionally, developing players who put others before self, who respect authority, who love to compete and who strive to get better everyday will result in winning, lots of winning-on and off the field.  This is not an easy task and it does not happen over night but coaching and teaching to a consistent standard, every player who participates with Express will learn something of great value.

MaxLaxOC.com: What are the benefits of offering a year round program?

Coach Miles: We are trying to simplify the very complex club sports system.  We are not advocating for lacrosse specialization, we are just focused on developing all the intangibles I mentioned above.  By having 1 team for one year with 6-8 for this team, we believe we have more time to focus on training players to be a good teammate. By publishing the annual plan, we are hopeful that parents can plan how to mix in basketball, football, soccer, valleyball or whatever else a young person wants to try.  Please make no mistake about it, the SoCal Express endorses multiple sports and will work with all players who strive to integrate multiple sports.