Face Offs Take Center Stage in Del Mar

adrln_logo_7Recently MaxLaxOC.com wrote about the Orange County born organization Face Off Factory, what it was, and what it was going to do to raise the level of play in Orange County.

With the success of St. Margaret’s sophomore faceoff sensation Ryan Harnisch who not only led the Tartans to the county title but also earned Player of the Year honors and a scholarship to play at Denver in a few years, it’s no secret that faceoff success has taken on a greater importance. But when you hear “face off”, the first thought that comes to mind is “niche.” Down in Del Mar this weekend at the Adrenaline Challenge it was anything but.

Ryan Harnisch beats Hugh Crance in the semis in Del Mar
Ryan Harnisch (orange) beats Hugh Crance on a faceoff in the semis in Del Mar

Champions of a bracket-style faceoff playoff from the two events held on December 28th and 29, were given the opportunity to faceoff against each other for a spot in the faceoff battle in front of all the recruiting coaches during halftime of the All-Star game. Though it was a good opportunity to get recruited, it was an even better opportunity for about 100 players to stop watching playoff games and encircle the competitors for a gladiator style rumble in the middle of foot traffic between the main walkway and the main scoreboard. Cheering fans yelled support while a triumphant victor threw his hands up in celebration in front of a captivated Middle and High School audience.

After Abbot Pratt (Rancho Bernardo High) was declared the winner from within the battle royale, he was immediately sent over to the All Star game to face off again. The freshman from Rancho Bernardo didn’t participate in the tournament but since he was so outstanding, he was given a pinnie and as soon as the game was over the recruiting sidelines were full of chatter about Abbot and what had just taken place.

Bryan Burkhart and the Face Off Factory weren’t not only helping multitudes of kids from Washington to Texas at their tent, but could be seen going game to game helping struggling face off middies make on the fly adjustments, one of the cornerstones of success that FOF preaches.

Thanks to their Adrenaline partners, Face Off Factory will be traveling to between 15-20 cities all over the country this summer so follow them on facebook to find out where they’ll be and when!



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