El Toro Seeks Head JV Coach for GIrls’ Lacrosse

El Toro High School Girls JV Head Coach
JV Girls Lacrosse Coach position open immediately. The qualified candidate will have demonstrated the leadership skills and lacrosse knowledge in previous positions to serve as a positive role model with the ability to motivate and inspire athletes while helping to continue the development of our program. They will be expected to be knowledgeable on all aspects of playing, though candidates with strict knowledge to solely offense of defense will not necessarily be turned away. Responsibilities include:

· Be a positive but firm role model to the players in an effort to teach them important skills and lessons needed for adult life.

· Attend all practices and games.

· Knowledge and ability to design, organize and collaborate with the lacrosse coaches to develop a program to enable High School students to learn the fundamentals of the sport, develop and increase skill abilities and prepare for competitive games.

· Work with Varsity Coaches on game plan preparation and practice plan development.

· Provide instruction during practices to all players.

Requirements for employment: Be able to pass a criminal background check and provide a letter of reference. Prior coaching experience, while not required is a plus. $2,000 – $2,200 a year stipend.

Contact for application and information: Scott Callender, (949) 632-8127 E-mail: callender.scott@gmail.com