Devo’s Tesoro vs San Clemente Preview

Couple of big rivalry games on Sat in Orange County.  This is the time of year high school rivalries heat up and that’s just a good time.

First up Tesoro hosts San Clemente and this one has passionate fan bases, conference rivals and plenty of talent.   Throw in a couple of Long Island natives as head coaches and you have two teams that are gonna get down.

San Clemente coach Brendan Finnerty has some offensive firepower in Luke Lemus ( St Bonnie’s), Jack Rodgers and Dante Decollibus.  They are one of the best attack groups in OC.  Justus Edward leads the defense. Rumor has it this young man will join the Marine Corps after graduation. Gotta root for this kid.  Tanner Hall who is headed to Concordia in the fall will lead the middies.  

Don’t sleep on what’s going on at CUI. Coach Foss has a nasty 21 class coming in and it will be a major spot in the next few years.  Foss has won plenty of rings at La Costa.  I think there are more coming soon. 

The Tritons  can play slow or fast and coach Finn’s squads tend to get better as the season goes.  They started very slow and then came on strong in the playoffs, losing by one  goal to Foothill.  I expect them to come in ready. 

Coach Scott Grubert of Tesoro has some fire power as well, a very athletic defense and a very good goalie in Jackson Brady.  Brady has had some big games with back to back 15 save games vs CDM and YL.  Charlie Richardson a key on offense, very smart can feed and shoots it well.  Cole Pollard is also having a big year, the lefty is an excellent shooter and very crafty on the dodge.  If he gets it going could change the game.  On the defensive end Nate Warren can cover and is very good on crowd balls. Liam Dooley is a very athletic kid and he can change a game no doubt. 

Side note if Maxlax decides to do fan of the week my first choice would be Jackson Brady‘s grandparents who are big fans of Maxlax coverage.  Caught up with them in the top row of Harbor’s stadium as they enjoyed the action. 

Vegas line: Pick Um