Devo’s Takes on Training Day

I stayed in Del Mar on Sunday to watch training Day to get a second look at several players from Saturday’s Nike and see some new faces too.  Several talented players from NorCal and the Northwest join the SoCal players and really balled out.  Fun to watch. It was a very well coached event. 

For the 2022s, from Santa Fe Christian FOGO was impressive.  Not only did he win lots of FO’s but looks like FOSO ( face off stay on) out there.  Scored several goals and played very well on offense.  Very nice kid, should really have a big high school season for coach

out of Seattle was impressive at midfield.  Scored and moved the ball well, unselfish he had a very good day. 

out of Erie, CO was also  very impressive.  He can score it and feed as well.  No issue taking checks and hits his open shots.  Very good play all around, fun to watch, not afraid to mix it up and not a selfish player.

, a 2023 lefty attackout of Seattle’s O’Dea High School looked very good.  Excellent hands, very productive and looks like he been in the weight room.  One to watch. 

’s  is a very talented middie, not hard to pick him out of a crowd. 

The 2024ss really got up and down the field, gave 2023s a run for their money in scrimmage. 

Jake Sweeny of impressed at middie, shoots the ball very well, blew it by the goalie a couple times I saw with high heat. 

Mathew Mannarino also of scored when it was there and moved the ball very well also. 

of Marin Catholic looked very polished for a 2024, one to watch going forward no doubt. On defense of Yorba Linda was very good on 1 vs 1 D.  Doesn’t throw very many checks but if attackman goes to 2 hands on the stick he throws very hard and accurate checks.  Big kid and getting faster, one to watch. 

Not many short-stick defensive middies or two-ways out there but of St. Margaret’s was very good as a two-way middie.  He played excellent D and was very impressive in the clearing game and transition in the scrimmage.  Since Samluk is newer to WCS it was great to hear the bench yelling for him when he had fast break.   

That kind of summed up the day. Lots of fun lacrosse, several players from Seattle expressed how happy they were to be out there playing and that was the vibe on the day.  They played very hard and had fun doing it.  Excellent day of lacrosse. 

Devin Arkison
is the owner of LockDownD, which specializes in defense training and recruiting consulting. He was a 3x All American at Hobart.