Devo’s Takeaways: CdM vs St. Margaret’s

The rivalry game did not disappoint.  The crowd was rocking for CDM vs St Margaret’s.   

Two of the best players in the county were matched up much of the night with middie/attack Logan Ip and defender  Shane Dzwilewski going at it all night.  Two very classy players, both play under control and both play team lacrosse.  In addition you will never hear a negative word on either from any coach in SoCal.   Ip super quick was tough unsettled and accurate shooter. Dzwilewski for 6’4 210 Lbs can move.  Major growth spurt and got quicker.  Fun to watch two fine young men play in a rivalry game.   

Will Pfeffer 2023 LSM/close D for St Margs looked much more confident last night.  He was very good on ground balls and in the clearing game last night, and that can be the difference between winning and losing in a close game.  Pfeffer’s confidence is growing.   

Lucas Newton plays attack, middie and takes face-offs for CdM. That is not an easy task.  Did a nice job of winning the first move on face-offs mostly with power clamp and scored as well.   

A pair of St Margaret’s middies continue to impress.  Matt Groeninger (3g,2a) and Will Stahl (4g, 1a) a pair of 22’s showed very efficient shooting and made a big difference. 

Friday night lights did not disappoint.


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