Devo’s Foothill vs Loyola Game Notes

No. 5 Loyola defeated No. 1 Foothill 7-5 on Saturday. Here is what you need to know.

  • Best home game atmosphere around year after year are at Foothill.  The crowds, style of play with “The Voice” handling the PA and  tunes makes it a winner.  If they had dome dogs and dome foam they’d give Cuse’s carrier dome a run for their money with the OC weather.
  • Full disclosure. I was having so much fun in the atmosphere and catching up with people I missed some action. Go to the MaxLax recap for details.
  •  This game didn’t have the usual Foothill pace with the Loyola zone in effect, but both teams very physical and lots of skilled players at all positions.  All over the field there was talent.  D1 or D1 probable talent in future at  Goalie, Middie, Attack, Defense. 
  • This is what high school lacrosse in Socal should be.  Two enthusiastic fans bases with mutual respect for each other. Two professional coaching staffs, under control.   Two teams that play very hard, very competitive at all times but minimal trash talk.  Refreshing to see and lots of fun!



Devin Arkison
Devin Arkison is the owner of LockDownD, which specializes in defense training and recruiting consulting. He was a 3x All American at Hobart.