Devo’s Desert Dazzlers: Day 1

Fields were buzzing today in Indio for Day 1 of Sandstorm, perhaps the most fun tourney of the year.

Joey Grzetic from Eastlake Washington was simply outstanding. The 2021 did everything except sell t shirts for the Bad News Bears ( Legends). In 3 games he had 12 points for the 3-0 Bears. We are talking running time tourney games which makes point total more impressive. He also faced off, going slightly over 80%. He has made vast improvement in 1 year. Watched him last year as decent attackman, this year he was simply a force at middie.

Caught up with big Lake Baker, a 2021 FOGO from Vegas who was running with RC and rocking the gold chain. Baker will head to Penn State to play for friend and fellow Hobart College alum Jeff Tamboni.  May upgrade from gold chain to champion diamonds before it’s all said and done

John Cully for SLC ( St Margaret’s) is very good, great hands. Had heard of Cully but never had seen him play before. He scored plenty, got topside lots. Showed a high lacrosse IQ on three straight possessions. Stuck a goal off-hip with excellent velocity one possession. Next two possessions he hit really nice skip passes. Fun to watch, IQ high, hands very very good. He’s a 2022. The Tartans’ 22’s are nice. Makai Todd is tough to cover. Some of the others I’ve mentioned before, deep class fun to watch.

Evan Stein 2020 from Kings LLC was very good all day at close D. Technically it’s had to find a flaw. He is very good on-ball and has super sharp stickwork in the clearing game. Stein looked like he’s ready for his senior year. A 4.0 student, Stein will most likely go NESCAC, I can confirm he’s got the interest from more than one.

Side note: Don’t sleep on Concordia U Irvine lacrosse this year. Coach Jesse Foss is the real deal and rumors abound he’s found a D coordinator who can bring it….wonder who could that be????