Devo is back on the recruiting scene and around the fields

Caught up with Coach Petro, the former Johns Hopkins head coach, who now has and event called Main Stage.  He has former head coach of Navy Rick Sowell and Former Brown standout  and current MLL coach Andy Towers coaching the event.  Petro said they had way more applicants than spots and talent is looking kind of nasty. 

I know all three of these guys well personally from the playing days and they’ll have a great event.  Some coaching firepower and some really fine people as well.  Don’t think I’ve ever heard a negative word about Rick and he was extremely successful as an assistant at Georgetown when they were routinely in the top 5 and had a nice run at Navy as well.  In this era of souped up club it’s good to see these guys putting out quality product, true laxers. 

Spoke to 5 D1 coaches last week and will have notes or commented this week.   Most colleges expecting a season, a couple conferences gonna probably have to split up this year with some teams not playing or not wanting to travel. Also couple D1 said they just finished 21 class and couple are going to take 21 spots into  Jan-Feb to see guys live after quiet period lifted….we have two D1 commits from Orange County in the 2021 class so far I believe.  Joey Garcia of Foothill and Ed Shean of Los Al.  Utes and Buckeyes respectively…..Could there be more coming?  Shook the magic 8 ball and the answer that came up is ‘without a doubt’….more coming….

Devin Arkison
Devin Arkison is the owner of LockDownD, which specializes in defense training and recruiting consulting. He was a 3x All American at Hobart.