Culver City Lax Makes Cameo in Rabil Video

If you’re a lacrosse fan on Twitter, it’s not unusual to see a video featuring Paul Rabil pop up on your feed. It’s a little different, though, when Rabil stops by a Culver City lacrosse practice to talk about what drives him and how much the sport is growing.

The video is part of Mashable’s “Driving Conversations” series and features Rabil on a short tour of Los Angeles with Dave Dameshek, an commentator and former Jimmy Kimmel writer.

From Mashable:

Their final stop, to meet Culver City High School’s lacrosse team, is, in Dameshek’s words, “proof that the sport is catching on out here.” As Rabil and Dameshek observe the Culver City Centaurs, it’s clear that the dedicated team is representative of the West Coast’s burgeoning scene and the fact that, right now in the connected age, the time is ripe for lacrosse.

It had to be a lot of fun to be at Culver City practice that day!