Worldwide- A Holistic Approach to Finding the Right College (If you want to play lacrosse in college)

If you want to play lacrosse in college, it’s easy to get caught up in the question, Am I a good enough player? It’s the obvious question to ask, but it will only give you half the answer. That’s because finding the right college is more than just finding a team that will take you. You need to look beyond the lacrosse player at your whole self—at your academic interests and personal goals.

Phillip Wright, the founder of Worldwide, puts it this way: “What’s the point of playing lacrosse for a school that doesn’t fulfill your other needs and passions?”

Counting Stars is one of the few talent evaluation companies that look at a student-athlete from all angles and gets them thinking about other questions: What size of college do you want to go to? How far from home do you want to go to school? Do you want to live in a city, or a suburb, or a rural college town?

“The decision about where to go to college is often the first major decision of a person’s life,” explains Wright. “You don’t have to know what you want to study, but you need to find a place that will support your personal growth and help you discover what you want to study.”

The culture of a school is just as important as its size or location. Do you want an active Greek life? Do you want to cheer on a big Div 1 football team? Are you looking for lots of extra-curricular activities? As you ask these questions, you’ll begin to paint a more complete picture of the college that’s the right for you.

Of course, you’ll still need to answer the question, Am I a good enough player? And Counting Stars is committed to providing you with a fair answer. , who plays for the Philadelphia Fire and is Director of Girls’ Lacrosse for Counting Stars, is very proud of the process they’ve developed, explaining, “We limit the number of players at our so we can maximize their playing time and get an accurate evaluation.”

Indeed, during these one-day events, a player will be evaluated on their lacrosse skills, physical abilities, mental toughness, performance and coachability and how they play the game. This evaluation is then combined with the player’s academic accomplishments and personal interests and goals, to create a list of colleges where they will flourish as a player and student.

Counting Stars wants everyone to know that being a successful lacrosse player in college means more than being a good lacrosse player. , two-time All-Star and Director of Boys’ Lacrosse, has a great way of addressing this balance, “There’s a reason student comes first in student-athlete.”

Counting Stars will be holding events in Southern California this June. Visit to learn more and sign up.