Cord Headlines All-Sunset League Honors

Corona Del Mar standout goalie Kyle Cord has been named Sunset Conference boys’ lacrosse player of the year. Cord, who helped the Sea Kings finish second in the Sunset League and advance to the semifinals, joins five other members from CdM on the first team and 13 other members who made all-league overall.

Drake Choi and Rhett Farmer both shared the scholar-athlete of the year award for excelling in the classroom as well as on the field.

Newport Harbor coach Mark Todd was named Sunset League coach of the year after guiding the Sailors to a first place finish for the second straight year.

Down below are the entire all-league teams.

SUNSET CONFERENCE Boys’ Lacrosse All-League Team 2019

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Kyle Cord, Corona del Mar, 12
SCHOLAR ATHLETES: Drake Choi, Edison, 12; Rhett Farmer, Newport Harbor, 11
COACH OF THE YEAR: Mark Todd, Newport Harbor


Rhett Farmer, Newport Harbor, 11
Edward Shean, Los Alamitos, 10
Richard Eusey, Corona del Mar, 11
Brody MacDonald, Huntington Beach, 11


Aidan Goltz, Newport Harbor, 11
Simon Hall, Corona del Mar, 11
Hutton Wooters, Newport Harbor, 11


Evan Stein, Corona del Mar, 11
Daniel Kees, Los Alamitos, 12
William Vasquez, Newport Harbor, 12
Jack Whelan, Newport Harbor, 11

Goalie: Kyle Cord, Corona del Mar, 12

LSML: Tate Jackson, Corona del Mar, 12

FOGO: Michael Morrison, Newport Harbor, 11

SSMID: Connor Schimmelpfennig, Corona del Mar, 12



Drew Anderson, Los Alamitos, 9
Drake Choi, Edison, 12
Logan Ip, Corona del Mar, 9


Charles Wilson, Los Alamitos, 12
Dylan MacDonald, Huntington Beach, 12
Jackson Sawall, Newport Harbor, 11
Tyler Cox, Marina, 12


Henry Elliott, Newport Harbor, 11
George Busick, Corona del Mar, 11
Kyle Briggs, Edison, 12

Goalie: Louis Penaflor, Huntington Beach, 11

LSM: Nicholas Meisenheimer, Corona del Mar, 12

FOGO: Lucas Newton, Corona del Mar, 9

SSMID: Tyler Fruend, Newport Harbor, 11



Braydon Butler, Newport Harbor, 12
Kyle Mix, Corona del Mar, 11
James Hightower, Los Alamitos, 11
Tyler Timmons, Edison, 10


Nico Kozachenko, Los Alamitos, 11
Paul Halstrom, Edison, 11
Ryan Rector, Corona del Mar, 11
Patrick Reilly, Corona del Mar, 10


Isaac Hurdle, Edison, 12
Tyler Curry, Edison, 10
Shane Smitson, Los Alamitos, 10
Nathan Sugano, Marina, 12

Goalie: Garrett Rovazzini

LSM: Michael McGrath, Newport Harbor, 11; Conrad Pierpoint, Laguna Beach, 11

FOGO: Cade Poe, Los Alamitos, 11; Mason Williams, Newport Harbor, 10

SSMID: Nate Montgomery, Corona del Mar, 12


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