Concordia University FAQs

Despite a 7-8 regular season record in 2014, the Concordia University Eagles won their second consecutive Southwestern Lacrosse Conference Division 2 championship, and earned their third straight trip to the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association National Championship tournament. Perhaps the best kept secret in the SLC, the Eagles have compiled a 46-20 record while losing only one league game over the last four years.

Second year head coach Ryan Brent spent some time to talk about his program.

I want to play lacrosse at Concordia University – Irvine, what is the best way to start the recruiting process?
The best way to start the recruiting process would be to go to our website: and click on our “recruiting tab”. This allows you to fill out our recruiting questionnaire and tell our coaching staff a little bit about yourself. You can attach game film in this questionnaire and let the coaches know if you will be attending any recruiting events where we can come see you play.

What recruiting events does the coach typically attend?
The coaches will attend most California based recruiting events including Adrenaline, 3D, Sandstorm, etc. Coaches will usually attend at least one out of state showcase during the off season.

How often does your team practice and for how many hours (Fall & Spring)?
Our program practices for about 2 hours a day Mon-Fri in the fall and spring with additional time spent on film and weight room. Our field time and practices are limited to a 6 week session due to NAIA regulations and focus more on team building and strength, speed and agility training during these times.

What about off the field conditioning?
The team will engage in strength, speed, agility and conditioning training throughout the year.

How many games do you play per year?
We will usually play at minimum 3 contests in the fall and approximately 16-18 in the spring.

Does your team travel out of town (Fall & Spring)?
We have not traditionally left Southern California in the Fall, but will attend one tournament. The team will usually take 1-2 trips outside of California per year with one being during Easter break and one being during spring break.

Any other commitments like fund raising or community service?
Our program is partially funded by student athlete dues and fundraising. In an effort to keep dues down as much as possible, SA’s will participate in both mandatory and voluntary fundraising efforts in order to raise enough money to keep our program operating at an elite level. In addition to fundraising, the lacrosse program will participate in at least 2 service projects throughout the year. The first project will focus on an area in the community where the team can provide a positive impact. The second service project involves helping another department at school. Both of these projects are rewarding and help build positive relationships for the SA’s.

Does the lacrosse coach have any influence on the admissions process?

In general, what are the minimum academic standards at your school?
We would like to see student athletes with at least a 2.8 GPA and an SAT of 900 (critical reading/math) or a composite ACT of 18.

What are the three best things about playing lacrosse at Concordia University – Irvine?
Close knit family environment with the team. Our program prides itself on being the best team mates both on and off the field. As a program we understand that the short 4 years that you will spend with us will provide friendships and values that will stay with you for the rest of your lives.

Student Athlete Community. Concordia University – Irvine is a small school that places a big emphasis on support for its student athletes. We have a large proportion of student athletes with approximately 500 SA’s out of 1800 undergrads. It is a great place to be because of the love and support that exists between programs, athletic department, faculty and staff.

Positive winning culture. If you choose to attend Concordia University – Irvine and play lacrosse, you will be joining an environment that has been built on success. The team has won the last 2 DII SLC titles and is building upon this success. Our program is highly competitive and we are looking to bring in the next wave of student athletes that can compete at the highest level on the field, in the classroom and in the community. Our University is moving to NCAA DII in the 2017-18 season and intends to bring the lacrosse programs with them as they make this move. With this in mind, any student athlete that enrolls at CUI should be excited and willing to take on this challenge in the next coming years. It is a great time to be an Eagle!