Colts Get Even with Broncos

highoctaneboxlax Jeff Palmer led the Colts to a victory over the Broncos in this Tuesday’s High Octane Box League in what may prove to be a look into this Sunday’s feature between the two NFL teams. halted the charge of the Chargers handing them their second loss in a row.

streaks down the boards

Within the first three minutes of play, the Colts tallied four goals each by , Jeff Palmer(2), and . Bronco’s tried to answer with two of his own but the deficit was only cut by one as the Colt’s Yuta Muratta scored the first goal of his hat-trick to end the first period at 5-2.

The Broncos woke up in the second period as Andrew Koffeed scored 3 of his team high 5 goals of the evening as they tried to crawl back into the game. With 5 combined goals from Muratta(2) and (3) the Colts would keep the lead at 3 until pulling away in the third. Austin Shackleford and Muratta helped keep their lead healthy as the game ended in a final 15-10

Kaden Ebinga goes underneath his defender


The 8pm game saw a better contest for the majority of the game with exception to the first period. The Ravens came out firing as scored in the first twenty seconds and the offense possesed for nearly the entire rest of the first period. They managed to capitalize on a hurried Chargers team for 5 points in the first. The Chargers had no answer and would be down 0-5 to start the second.

Jayden Silva stares down the netminder





The second quarter was won by the Chargers thanks to goals from , Mike Lombardo, and Eric Masters but it wouldn’t be enough to cut the lead to something manageable for the third. The third period had both teams go goal for goal as the clock wound down resulting in a 10-6 win for the Ravens.


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