City Lacrosse Bringing the Sport to South LA

Founded in the fall of 2014 with the goal of bringing meaningful lacrosse experiences to the children of South LA, Compton and Inglewood, City Lacrosse celebrated its first full year of programs with a video, published today.

“The kids have made a lot of progress in the past year,” says Executive Director Mike Levin in the video, “and in the process, they’ve learned one of the most important lessons they can learn from a program like ours. That is, ‘If I try something new, if I risk failure, if I remain focused and committed, even when I struggle, then I can really change what I’m capable of.’ ”

The non-profit organization now provides free, year-round lacrosse and youth development programs to more than 250 children.

Ernie Melero, a 2010 graduate of Manual Arts who went on to play at NCAA D-III Tufts, is a program director with City Lacrosse and is featured in the video.

City Lacrosse believes the sport has the power to teach some of life’s most important lessons and that all children deserve access to the growth opportunities the sport presents. Check out the video to see City Lacrosse in action and to learn a little more about its first year.

To find out how to support City Lacrosse or to learn more about the organization, please visit their website at