CDM Seniors Honored at Banquet

The Corona del Mar High School seniors (pictured above) were honored by head coach G.W. Mix at the team banquet on Monday night.  The Class of 2015 leaves behind a legacy that includes a four year record of 75-6 (.925%). Each senior was honored with a vial of “magic” dirt from their home field presented by Coach Mix to commemorate the four-year undefeated record at home.

The Sea Kings finished 2015 with an 18-1 record that earned them the #1 final season ranking in the Southern Section and the #2 final season ranking in California. Post-season honors for the Sea Kings are listed below:

2015 US Lacrosse All-Americans

  • Hoyt Crance
  • Hugh Crance
  • Sherwin Gersten
  • Brett Greenlee

2015 US Academic All-Americans

  • Hoyt Crance
  • Hugh Crance

2015 All – County Selections

  • Hoyt Crance, 1st team
  • Hugh Crance, 1st team
  • Sherwin Gersten, 1st team
  • Brett Greenlee, 1st team
  • Chad Redfern, 1st team
  • Max Kline, 2nd team
  • Brian Leguay, 2nd team
  • Jason Simaan, 2nd team
  • Jordan Greenhall, 3rd team
  • Ben Palitz, 3rd team
  • Jordan Pakzad, honorable mention