, Energy And Passion Separated Me From The Pack

Host Fred Opie interviews Syracuse Lacrosse Alum and Hall of Famer . They talk about growing up in Carthage, New York and how lacrosse came to his community, how he, his brothers, and neighborhood kids created a winning lacrosse culture out of what they observed from upstate New York powerhouse West Genesee High School and attending Syracuse University lacrosse games during the era of the Gait brothers. Powell discusses his official visits is a high school senior, decision to attend Syracuse University, his major, his suggested required courses, favorite reads, and the development of his game as a member of US national indoor and outdoor teams. Powell launched a startup called SPEED Lacrosse as way of growing the game based on what he created in his backyard with his brothers Mike and Ryan who also went on to be All Americans at Syracuse University. Follow the Fred Opie show and the content Fred shares on his website, Twitter and Facebook. Take the time to review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud. If you like what you hear and learn, tell others about it and share and post the link to the show.

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