Boys’ Playoff Picture Updated

In case you missed it last week, the Coaches’ Poll is one of several factors that OC Chapter takes into consideration when seeding and selecting teams for the post-season tournament. Each league gets an Automatic Qualifier, and at large teams are selected from a formula that takes recommendations from a seeding committee, the final Coaches’ Poll, and other factors into consideration.

According to the process used by the OC Chapter, the playoffs would look like this if they started tomorrow:

[bracketsninja bracketid=”4d09686a570242f093142e9077fe17a9″ height=”1000″]

The Boys’ Lacrosse Selection and Seeding Process

The 16-team tournament pool will be made up of seven automatic qualifiers (“AQs”) and nine at-large bids.  All 16 playoff schools (AQs and at-large) must be in good standing with CIF and eligible for post-season play.

Automatic Qualifiers

Each of the seven leagues (Century/Empire, Sea View, South Coast, Pacific Coast, South West, Sunset, and Trinity) receives one automatic qualifier (AQ) to the playoffs. The AQs are determined by the respective leagues not by the OC Chapter.

Selection of At Large Teams

Each team in the OC Chapter (including the AQs) is assigned up to 100 points according to the 2 components below:

1. Coaching/Team results account for 50 points accumulated using the following:

  •  The Final Coaches Poll (40 points for first place, 39 for second place, etc)
  •  Up to 5 points for participation in the coaches poll
  •  5 points for participating in the pre-season coaches and officials meeting
  •  3.5 points for successfully nominating a person to the seeding committee (it will not cause a team to exceed 100 points)

2. 10 member Independent Seeding Committee ranking (50 points for first place down to 30 points for 20th place)

The 9 remaining teams (no AQ) with the 9 highest point totals  from above receive an invitation to the tournament.

Playoff Seeding

The 16 playoff teams are then seeded highest to lowest according to the total points received out of the 100 possible, with the highest accumulated points receiving the #1 seed to the lowest points receiving the 16 seed.

Tie Breakers

If 2 schools receive the exact same accumulated points they are ranked against each other in the following manner:

      1. Head to head
      2. Common opponents results
      3. Common opponents goals against
      4. Laxpower computer ranking
      5. If still tied a then coin flip.

If more than 2 teams receive the exact same accumulated points the teams are ranked in the following manner:

      1. League standing if appropriate(All teams must be in the same league)
      2. Common opponents to all teams results
      3. Common opponents to all teams goals against
      4. D. Laxpower computer ranking
      5. If still tied lottery selected by the seeding committee chairman


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