The Battle of LA – Day 1 Wrap Up

San Pedro – If you love lacrosse, the Field of Dreams in San Pedro was the place for you Saturday. After nearly 70 games were played, the first day of seventh annual Battle of Los Angeles is officially in the books.  A handful of teams emerged as early favorites to claim division crowns.

In the boys division, pool play was dominated by the following clubs who each went undefeated in their respective brackets: HS Elite- SoCal Express 2019, HS Open- SoCal Express, HS- LA Cobras, U15- HB Lacrosse Club, U13 Victory Select 2022 Black, U11- Santa Monica Beserkers, U9- El Segundo Beserkers (Blue Group), South Bay Select (Red Group)

In the Girls Division, early favorites were established by the following teams with unblemished records thus far: U15- Victory Select 2021, U13- Victory Select 2022, LA Aces, U11- Trident. In the High School Division, the championship will be up for grabs as the Tritons handled the Falcons, but lost to Team Scream, who tied with the Falcons.

The schedule for today’s games can be found here.

On a side note, of all the things that stood out to me today, it was perhaps the referees that left the greatest impact. Early on in the summer, the men and women from the Southern California Lacrosse Officials Association seemed to (despite the chaos that 60+ games inevitably brings) be able to balance player safety with “letting the kids play” in flawless manner.

Ultimately, the deciding day of the Battle of LA is shaping up to be a competitive and exciting event. Whether your team is looking to bounce back from a rough first day or looking to steer clear from being knocked off the top of the bracket board, one thing is first certain: these teams are hungry to claim the title as “The Kings of LA.”