Athlete’s Choice Offers Sports Performance Training for Hungry Lacrosse Players

At Athletes Choice, Owner and Sports Performance Specialist Nick Tintle wants to make the training experience as authentic as possible with a good balance of strength power and conditioning, speed and agility, as well as improving a players lacrosse skill and IQ.

Tintle knows what it takes to play lacrosse at the highest levels and understands the importance of an effective strength and conditioning program as well as anybody.  He was a four-year starting midfielder and a two-time All-American for the North Carolina Tarheels from 2004-2008, and recently finished his first season with the Denver Outlaws.  Tintle was awarded the Turnbull Trophy as the Tarheels’ Most Valuable Player after his junior season.

Athletes Choice Sports Performance and Fitness Center in Rancho Santa Margarita.(Brandon Ross/

Tintle uses his experience and knowledge of the game to create unique training platforms and programs that are tailored to the lacrosse athlete. By providing performance and skill training under one roof, Athlete’s Choice develops better overall lacrosse athletes and players.

“I am very hands on with my training” Tintle said. I create drills that mimic the movements of the game. I want to throw scenarios at you that you are going to see in the game. Then we are going to rep that drill or skill out until you know it instinctively so when it happens in a game you react.”

Athlete’s Choice offers performance classes for all athletes of all ages and all skill levels. Their specialized programs include Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite Lacrosse classes as well as level 1, level 2 and elite classes for strength and conditioning and speed and agility.

A mixture of strength and conditioning and improving weaknesses are keys to training with professional lacrosse midfielder Nick Tintle. (Brandon Ross/

While he goes over all aspects of the game with his lacrosse athletes, the Long Island native harps on proper mechanics backed by repetition.

“There is no wasted time in a lacrosse class at AC,” Tintle said. “I am always challenging my athletes to get better everyday. I challenge my athletes by encouraging them to work on their weaknesses while in class. Whether it be their off-hands, behind the backs, side arm, underhand, etc.”

“In my opinion, these are all skills that can be learned and developed with proper instruction and practice,” Tintle continued.  “If these skills are properly developed, the improvement in on-field performance will be dramatic. I don’t believe anyone is going to tell Casey Powell or John Grant Jr. to not shoot behind the back. The reason is because those guys worked on those shots tirelessly. They all proved that the more offensive skills a player can develop, the harder they are to defend.”

Target practice with dominant and off hands are a regular part of Tintle’s training philosophy to help with accuracy. (Brandon Ross/

Tess Keiser, a sophomore midfielder from Mater Dei who recently committed to play Division 1 women’s lacrosse at Arizona State University, has been training with Tintle at Athlete’s Choice for the past eight months and attributes a lot of her current playing style and in-game IQ to the training she gets with the former All-American.

“Before coming to Athlete’s Choice, I wanted to bring my game to the next level but didn’t know how,” Keiser said. “Nick taught me to play with more intensity and aggression. I learned ways to do wall ball and train more effectively. My stick skills, footwork, lacrosse IQ, and confidence as a player have grown tremendously in the past few months. Most importantly, training at Athletes Choice has reminded me of how much I love lacrosse. They make the hard work fun.”

AC has trained 67 NCAA athletes and offers almost 2,500 classes, with a medical rehabilitation facility on site. For more information on the sports performance center, visit


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