Around the Fields With Devin Arkison. College Freshmen who Shined.

Caught up with a few college coaches this week and got some info on who has shined as Freshmen in the shortened season. Kevin Groeninger was off to a blazing start for the D1 Bryant University. Coach Pressler knew he had a good one coming in, and he was extremely happy to have KG on the squad.  The St. Margaret’s grad was a starter on first midfield line, as well as starter on man up unit.  In 7 games he had 12 pts, 7 goals and 5 assists.  He had 3 games where he notched 3 points.  Breakout game was vs BU where he had 3 goals.  An attack in high school, Groeninger showed he’s extremely fundamentally sound easily transitioning to midfield.

Bryant been active in SoCal with  Aiden Goltz from Newbor Harbor and Cole Garvey from Mira Costa both commited 2020’s.

Jacob Schrup from Santigo High School was a starter for Coach Jesse Foss‘ Concordia program.  The close defenseman was tough on the ball, and very constant in the clearing game. Came in ready as a frosh as far as the weight room is concerned.  Coach Foss scored a big frosh for the coming year Cade Poe out of Los Al.  Kid is gonna be brutal at this level.  Speaking of Los Al, the Ohio State offensive coordinator scored a nice 2021 attackman in Ed Shean, OSU was impressed with how hard he played at prospect day after catching him at Under Armour.  Shean is a versatile attack poised for big senior year.

I’ve had plenty of questions on Koa Todd at Utah and this is what I’m hearing. I have not spoken to Koa but I know the Utes program fairly well.  Koa was playing short stick d middie.  Not uncommon move for Utes staff, they believe that position is great place to learn the system.  Koa adjusted well and mostly likely would have gotten run this year.  He was brutal in open field transition in high school. The Utes like to play fast, would not surprise me if Todd is a two-way or offensive middie next year.  Tough to stop in open field 1-1 with his size and ability.

Big Antonio Shepard from Mater Dei impressed coach Nick Marks at Whittier.  Shepard was another freshman who came in ready as far as the weight room. He was the strongest on the team and according to Marks he’d be strong for D1 too. Shepard was slated to start but a bout with the flu knocked him out of the early season action. He was still in the mix had the season not been cancelled. Marks came from D1 Bucknell.