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The Arizona State Sun Devils have earned trips to the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association Final Four for five straight seasons.  Last season they played in the championship game for the third time during that stretch.  The 2014 Sun Devils entered the postseason as the number one ranked team in Division I of the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association. The team kept their perfect season until falling to the Colorado Buffaloes 13-12 in the National Championship Game.

Jesse Guttieriez (Downey High School) and Duncan Spencer (Santa Monica High School) both chipped in on the field to help the Sun Devils earn their trip to the MCLA Finals last year.

Interested in being a Sun Devil? Read our ASU FAQs to learn what it takes to be a Contender.

I want to play lacrosse at Arizona State University, what is the best way to start the recruiting process?
Visit and complete a Prospective Player Questionnaire Form Make sure to send player film and list any upcoming lacrosse events you will be attending

Follow the team on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with team happenings (camps, coaches travel, game schedule)

What recruiting events does the coach typically attend?
Varies based on coaches schedule and what players have contacted the team.
Adrln High Rollers
Blue Chip 225
Adrln Showcase
Adrln Challenge
Oceanside Hustle
Adrln Shootout

How often does your team practice and for how many hours (Fall & Spring)?
Fall –
3 practice days a week for 2 hours
2 study halls a week
3 strength training sessions a week
Spring –
6 practice days a week for 2 hours (depending on game schedule)
2 study halls a week
2 strength training sessions a week
1 or 2 classroom/film sessions a week

What about off the field conditioning?
2-3 sessions of strength training

How many games do you play per year?
We typically play 12-14 regular season games. With the potential of an additional 6 post-season games.

Does your team travel out of town (Fall & Spring)?
Yes we will travel 3 times in the regular season with a potential of another 2 post-season travel dates.

Any other commitments like fund raising or community service?
The team does various community service events and well as supports other Athletic teams on campus. Each player is required to fundraise $1000 to help support the program

Does the lacrosse coach have any influence on the admissions process?

In general, what are the minimum academic standards at your school?
The academic composition of an ASU Freshman class
3.47 average GPA
1129 average SAT composite (Math + Critical Reading)
28.5% 3.75 or higher high school GPA
32.7% graduated in the top 10% of their high school class

The academic composition of a student entering The Barrett Honors College
3.80 average unweighted GPA
1297 average SAT score
28.6 average ACT score

What are the three best things about playing lacrosse at Arizona State University?
First, congratulations on your consideration of Arizona State University and Sun Devil Lacrosse. Choosing the college or university you’d like to attend is one of the most important decisions in your life. Ultimately, the school that provides the best combination of academics and student life for you, should be your final choice. As most any student or alumnus will tell you, Arizona State consistently ranks among the best for a combination of academics and student life. I encourage you to involve your family and friends while making this decision, and if ASU is right for you then let me be the first to say welcome! If you choose Arizona State, as an alumnus of the program, I guarantee playing lacrosse while you are here will be the most memorable experience of your college life. Being part of the team fosters lifetime memories and friendships. You will spend most of your time outside of academic commitments with your teammates in a family atmosphere. One way for you to ensure the best possible college experience is to be part of something where you have guaranteed support from your peers regardless of topic or issue.

You’ll enjoy this on our team. In addition, as the fourth largest university in the United States, ASU’s diverse alumni body affords many opportunities for internships and post collegiate work well beyond the scope of most other schools. The Stickmen’s Club is a branch of the ASU Alumni Association exclusive to former lacrosse players. Among the main purposes of pursuing your college degree is learning life lessons that cannot be taught from any book. At Arizona State, our standards are high. The coaching staff will push you to be the best, setting exceptional goals and reaching them through character, leadership, and discipline, just to name a few. You have an opportunity to be part of something special, but it doesn’t come without commitment. Players are typically devoting 20 hours a week, minimum, to lacrosse.I encourage you to join our team as we contend for an MCLA Championship.

(Photo: Jodi Vosika)


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