An Apology for Last Night’s Live Stream

maxlax-shield.jpg We would like to apologize to our fans for the technical difficulties we experienced during last night’s live stream.

To our readers and fans of lacrosse,

Last night attempted to live stream the Boys’ Orange County Finals. The final production of the boys game was well below expectations and further below the standards of lacrosse coverage we strive to produce at MaxLaxOC. We are sorry about the poor performance and for letting you, the fans, and family members abroad, down.

In an attempt to expand our coverage capabilities and take Orange County Lacrosse national, we have been working hard towards live streaming some of the most important games of the second half of the season. We are still working to perfect the live streaming process and last night we encountered something out of our control, an unanticipated volume of viewers which overloaded our bandwidth.

The stress put on all of our systems (including our websites ability to handle the game traffic) revealed some crucial insight into how we can improve moving forward. This year we have had the opportunity to provide coverage to more people than we could have ever imagined and could not be more thankful to the players, coaches, parents, and fans that helped us this season. The growth of our site has been extraordinary and we hope to provide a more reliable service to you in the future. The fact that had these problems yesterday is a testament to your incredible support you’ve shown all season.

Thank you for a great year so far and we look forward to continuing to bring you better and better coverage of lacrosse all year long.

CJ Jacobs, Managing Director