Looking for U-13 Players for

The have eight openings for U-13 players interested in playing in the . The Irvine Rangers WOTS tournament team is open to all boys lacrosse players in grades 5 – 7. will be held on December 2nd at 11 a.m. at Cypress Community Park!  The team fee of only $150 includes four practices prior to the tournament and minimum of four games during the tournament.

[maxbutton id=”13″ url=”http://irvinerangerlax.leagueapps.com/clubteams/490074-war-on-the-shore-tournament-team” text =”Irvine Rangers – WOTS” ]

Registration is required to try out. The registration fee will be applied to the fees if selected, refunded if not selected.

The Irvine Rangers welcome players of all levels including beginners looking for tournament experience.  The Rangers coaching staff offers great teaching, instruction and experience to players of all levels.

Irvine Rangers - War on the Shore

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