San Clemente Closes Gap, Murrieta Mesa Debuts in Fan Poll.

April 18, 2017 Results

The results for this week’s USL-OC Fan Poll are below. Corona del Mar continues to dominate all polls as the fans made the Sea Kings the top choice. However, San Clemente is now No. 2 in all polls and coming on strong. The Tritons closed the gap with 16 first place votes. St. Margaret’s, Foothill, and Santa Margarita to round out the Top 5.

The big news further down the ladder is the appearance of Murrieta Mesa. The 13-3 Rams are this season’ Southwest League champions, which means they get an automatic invitation to the playoffs.  Conspicuously absent last week, Murrieta Mesa debuted at No. 20 this week.

Feeling left out? Feeling disrespected? Then cast your VOTE HERE Poll closes @ 11:59PM Monday. Stand up and be heard!.

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