Introducing Legends Lacrosse

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Legends Lacrosse, the premier resource for student-athletes, parents, and coaches at all levels, launched this past Fall and will be raising the bar for lacrosse training, competition, and exposure in 2017. Through a unique set of programs, Legends Lacrosse will provide a world-class experience that evolves beyond traditional offerings and serves as the “one-stop” resource for any athlete or coach in the sport.

Founded by Scott Hochstadt and Rory Doucette, two influential figures who have grown the sport of lacrosse on the west coast immensely over the last 15 years, Legends Lacrosse will offer combine events unmatched anywhere, providing team building and leadership programs, and individual & team recruiting opportunities for all ages and skill levels. In partnership with Sports Academy, a 96,000sqft state-of-the-art and fully integrated athletic development campus in Thousand Oaks, CA, Legends LAX will deliver these programs utilizing NCAA coaches to create a truly unique and memorable experience for players, while delivering incredible value to parents.  “Obviously, it was a big decision to leave Adrenaline and launch Legends Lacrosse,” said Doucette, “but the partnership with Sports Academy ensured that we would have the resources necessary to provide new and unique programming, while also discovering opportunities to better serve athletes and their families.”

The 2016 debut of Legends Lax included two combines and a team trip.  These combines were capped at 80 student-athletes and had over 25 NCAA coaches participating.  “The response to the first combine was immediate and passionate.  From the college coaches to the parents and most importantly the players – they all raved about their experience,” said Doucette.  “Eighty student-athletes had a single-day, 13-hour agenda which far exceeded their expectations set by traditional weekend offerings.  Typical combines offer mostly a handful of hours of on-field training.  Not only did our combine offer this training with the top college coaches in the nation, but we went beyond that with classroom strategy sessions, film review, sandpit speed and agility training, mindset development, and cognitive reaction testing that were all included in the experience.  It was a tremendous value, and we delivered the most action-packed day I’ve seen in this business in the last 10 years!”

Legends Lacrosse founded by Scott Hochstadt

Legend’s second combine, entitled “Academic Aces”, brought together coaches from the top academic universities in the country and student-athletes wishing to pursue lacrosse while advancing their standout academic careers.  “From a recruiter’s perspective, knowing all the players in front of them are academically viable makes their job much easier.”  Hochstadt stated.  “Our combine format allowed us to create an intimate and meaningful classroom setting with these coaches. For example, having the environment for an Ivy League head coach to discuss the level of commitment needed and the excellent time management skills required to succeed in a well-respected and academically focused student life setting was invaluable to the kids. These student-athletes grasped there are no short cuts at these top universities.”

The ability to customize these combines – i.e. academic, positional, and committed players – allows greater application to the individual player, and this is something both Doucette and Hochstadt see as a distinct advantage of their combine format that benefits players and coaches.  Another benefit of the Legends Lacrosse program is the team trip taken every season, dubbed “The Legends Experience.”  This includes collaborative training with high level clubs nationally, as well as tournament play.  “We are not looking to create another club team, but rather just a great experience for players in all the hard-working clubs across the country, with the knowledge that we are not looking to push any club platform nor pose a threat to club directors. We’re here to be a resource, not a competitor,” Hochstadt added. “Ultimately, the vision for Legends Lacrosse is to work with as many local, regional and national clubs as possible to help them achieve their goals.”

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