5 Reasons Why USC Will Beat Duke in the OCWI

The Orange County Chapter of US Lacrosse brings NCAA Division 1 women’s lacrosse powerhouses Duke and USC to the Orange County Winter Invitational on February 20. Yesterday, Foothill coach Kate Hick, a former Duke All-American, gave us Five Reasons Why Duke Will Win. Today future Trojan Hannah Upshaw, who just happens to be the Foothill goalie, states the Trojans’ case with 5 Reasons Why USC Will Win the OCWI:

  1. Weather – sunshine, warmth, palm trees and beaches…Duke will think they are on vacation.[spacer height=”10px”]😎🌴😎🌴

  2. The “12th Man”  Advantage –  thousands of screaming USC fans in the stands cheering on their favorite Southern California lacrosse team! USC will want to win on its “home” turf.

  3. Respect for Duke – USC won’t be taking the Blue Devils lightly with their top tier players and exceptional coaches.

  4. Mascots – who wants to root for a devil?  Personally, I’d much rather root for a heroic warrior.[spacer height=”10px”]Trojan-Blue-Devil[spacer height=”10px”]

  5. Underdog- USC has something to prove after last season’s success. This is USC’s chance to prove that they pose a serious threat to top ranked teams.

Want to get in on the fun and take advantage of this rare opportunity to watch NCAA Division 1 Women’s lacrosse in Orange County?  Tickets are on sale now, just click on the button below.

Orange County Winter Invitational