Yorba Linda Mustangs Dominate Century League with an 8-0 Finish in League Play

downloadThe Yorba Linda Mustangs finished their season 16-1 overall and went undefeated 8-0 in the Century League to claim the title of “Undefeated Century League Champions” this week following their final win at Temecula Valley 14-7 on Tuesday night.

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The Yorba Linda Lacrosse program has improved over the last couple years as evidenced by last Friday’s face off against last year’s Century League Champs Esperanza and the fans were anticipating a great game. While the Mustangs reached for the stars with a 9-0 lead at halftime Esperanza would not give up the good fight! They came out in the second half determined to give it their all. The pillars of heaven shook with a cross town rivalry at stake and the bragging rites to an undefeated season (Esperanza was undefeated in the Century League last year 6-0). At the end of the third quarter the score was YLHS 12 EHS 3 and the Aztecs continued to slow down the Mustangs but it was too little to late as the final score was Mustangs 15, Aztecs 7.

Congratulations to the league champ Yorba Linda Mustangs!