Locals Standout at Adrenaline Challenge

The recruitingrundown.com team spent the weekend at the Adrenaline Challenge soaking up some sun and evaluating the local talent.  Not surprisingly some Falcons and Mavericks caught their attention. Here is what what Xanders had to say.  Make sure to check out Xanders’ full Adrenaline Challenge article:

Jackson Lienhart ’15, A, RC Elite Silver / Torrey Pines (Calif.) – Bellarmine
Even though he is listed as an attackman, Lienhart played mostly midfield in the games I watched this weekend. Lienhart is a very skilled lacrosse player: he has an excellent hitch, an explosive and deceptive split, and a powerful shot. I saw him split several double teams on Sunday against the Blackhawks; however, he was beating his man so quickly, his teammates didn’t have the opportunity to clear space for him to dodge. When he did draw an early double team, he made a concerted effort to make the correct look down, back, or through. I appreciated the fact that he didn’t force any through passes to make spectacular plays, and with the talent on this RC Elite Silver team, he didn’t really have to. Recently transferring to TP from Louisville Trinity (Ky.), this young man is a really nice pickup for Bellarmine.

Andrew Beacham ’17, A/M, Alpha / La Costa Canyon (Calif.) –Uncommitted

Watching him for the first time, I walked away very impressed with what Beacham brings to the table and feel like he’s a strong college prospect. His outside shot is fundamentally sound with a rapid release, keeping his stick hidden to throw off opposing goaltenders. Beacham pinged two pipes in the All-Star Game after creating excellent separation while running out of the box. He’s a two-handed player who could also D up his man on the other end but is more so known for being an outstanding outside shooter who would be a great asset to any school’s extra man unit.

Henry Hollen ’15, M, RC Elite Silver / Torrey Pines (Calif.) – Tufts
To start, this kid is an absolute bear. Other players will have an easier job running by their man but very few will impose as much will on matchups inferior in size like Hollen will. He’s extremely right-handed but gets into his guy with the bull dodge better than 95% of recruits I’ve ever seen. Following in club/HS coach Jono Zissi’s footsteps to Tufts.

Jordan Yusunas ’17, D, RC Elite Carolina and Marc Lefferdink ’16, A, RC Elite Silver were two uncommitted players who caught Xanders’ eye during the All Star Game.